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About Our Air Conditioning HVAC Repair in Charlotte NC

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning is basically the entire framework of indoor quality, and comfort control. The ultimate goal is providing thermal comfort along with clean air quality. The importance of HVAC repair Charlotte NC  is specifically crucial in larger living facilities that hold over 200 residents. These larger units tend to require increased awareness, to ensure quality, and energy efficiency. Although, the same importance can be said for residential properties as well.
If you’ve ever had to rent or buy air conditioning due to your AC system’s failure, you’ve probably come across the term HVAC. Any system that requires heating or cooling, outdoor tents or any type of enclosed area. The removal of moisture, odor, and keeping an enclosure is key. This helps maintain a healthy environment.

There are two main categories of HVAC:

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair in Charlotte NC:
These commercial, or “industrial” units are typically much more powerful than your standard residential system. And they are designed to be used in many different locations (offices, construction sites, etc) People tend to take these for granted until the system fails. Proper maintenance of these units is critical in maintaining this constant temperate environment.

Residential AC Repair in Charlotte NC
The introduction of residential air conditioning came in the 1920s to help enable the migration to the “Sun Belt”. Residential AC systems are also just as critical to maintaining. These are typically used in single-family homes and contain smaller units that are kept in standard outdoor locations.

Around 25 to 40 percent of the resources that are utilized for keeping your residence or place of business temperate is lost. There are multiple factors that cause your unit to over-perform, which then shortens the overall lifespan of your system. Even when the appropriate filters are in use, the HVAC system still gets quite contaminated. With a clean system, your unit works less, and in turn, saves energy and money!

AC Installation & Repair – Certified AC Brevard County only employs NATE certified technicians who have a dedication to adding real value to homeowners

We specialize in residential, and commercial AC repair throughout Brevard County. Call us “weather engineers”!

We can help your business in maintaining your HVAC system with our risk management, and preventative maintenance division.

If your heating or air conditioning system is not fully functional, it could lead to significant health and operational issues. Certified AC of Charlotte NC is here to help.

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