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Modern Heirlooms

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Two times each year the bustle of Fashion Week adds an exciting energy to the air. Designers are quick to show us the newest and latest styles as their models and muses speed down the runways. While the fashion industry continues to sprint forward with cutting-edge trends and new aesthetics, the pendulum of style always swings back to traditions of the past. For this month we’ve created our most enduring collection to date: Get ready for March’s Modern Heirlooms.

Although there are certain trends that we’ll be seeing for the first time this season, fashion history always repeats itself. The tendency towards vintage reemerges again and again as heirlooms from the past fuse with contemporary styles to create new treasures.

This collection features a series of reimagined heirlooms for the modern age, using sophisticated and classic elements such as mother of pearl, leather and floral trims.

You’ll be mixing metals and textures, and embellishing with stunning new shapes, creating your very own vintage-inspired statement pieces.

With this collection you’ll learn the art of wire wrapping, a slow and steady art form that allows its makers to explore and enjoy the process of creating. We’re also introducing two accessories that we have never before featured in Project DIY, but are sure to be in your jewelry box for decades to come!

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Trends may come and go, but true style is timeless. This season embrace the past, but spring forward with modern keepsakes that you’ll be proud to say you made yourself!



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Our Modern Heirlooms collection includes trims and embellishments to make a series of vintage-inspired pieces including our Rose Blossom Hair Comb, Golden Arrow Hair Comb, and Timeless Wrap Watch.  To view instructions for each of the DIYs, download our FREE APP from the itunes store, or see below:

Rose Blossom Hair Comb Golden Arrow Hair Comb Timeless Wrap Watch
Rose Blossom Hair Comb
Golden Arrow Hair Com
Timeless Wrap Watch
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